Life @ Sanaa

Life @ SANAA is a melting pot of academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities. The residential campus is set in a serene and picturesque location with the Western Ghats serving as the idyllic backdrop. The campus offers something for everyone whether he/she revels in the bonhomie and frenzy of sports or whether he/she prefers a secluded spot for rejuvenating oneself after a hectic day’s academic schedule.

Refreshments are at hand with both the cafeteria and the student hostel mess providing wholesome and delectable fare at all times.

The campus architecture is refreshing to the eye and serves to inspire the budding architect. Lessons can be learnt from how different buildings set off each other as well as how the landscape tends to integrate the entire campus.

Building and establishing close-knit, long-lasting friendships, learning to establish one’s own network and independence underpinned by a strong commitment to academics and research – all these are qualities which SANAA constantly strives to foster.